The Dream is Alive


After years spent dreaming about taking an RV around the country and road-schooling the girls, we’re making it happen.

We bought an RV and head out in 43 days. But this didn’t happen overnight. It took months of research and a plethora of lists. In fact, I think our lists have lists.

This is absolutely the type of dream that is a lot easier to give up on, then to see through. There are endless details surrounding renting your house, purchasing a motor home, finding the right car to tow, working from the road, schooling from the road, packing for 7 months, and figuring out how 4 people and a dog go from 3k sq ft and 2 fridges, to 300 sq ft and a dorm-room size fridge. But with organization, determination, persistence, and some luck, it can be achieved.

About 2 years ago we started attending RV shows, and learning about what it takes to pull off this type of experience.  There’s actually a pretty good size community of families who live on the road full time, and are happy to share their advice.  After a great test run in a rented RV, we found ourselves looking into home school regulations, shopping for the perfect RV, and making lists of everything else that would have to get done.

It wasn’t long before the tasks on our lists became a part time job, but we kept pushing on, hammering out each detail one at a time.

And now, 43 days out, we have renters lined up for our home, the RV is ready to hit the road, supplies have been ordered, school has been notified, remote work arrangements are in place, an itinerary has been roughed out, and we’re checking off the final items on our huge white board.


The next step is a 10 day trial run where take the RV down to Arizona for Thanksgiving. We’ll be stopping in Santa Fe, the Petrified Forest, and Sedona on the way. Look out for a post about that trip and don’t forget to enter your email below so you can get notified when new posts, pics and videos get uploaded.

18 thoughts on “The Dream is Alive

  1. This is the coolest thing ever and I am so happy you and your family were able to make this dream come true! I would love to follow you and be a part of your experiences! Keep on truckin’!



  2. That is awesome!! I’m so envious!! There are so many amazing things to see and experience!! Congratulations on following your dream!! I can’t wait to live vicariously through your posts!


  3. Awesome!!!! Nothing better in life then making dreams come true. This will be an amazing experience for all. The girls will learn more than any textbook could teach. Mom and dad will learn a few things too 😉 Have a blast and enjoy every moment …it will go fast! Be safe Pierces!!! I’ll be looking forward to your updates…

    Your cousin,


  4. I can’t wait to read all about your adventures! I hope you guys can make it up to Canada. It’s such a cool place with plenty to explore, plus I miss you all so much and I’d love so see you! Safe travels ❤


  5. This is so exciting! Can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures and about all of the fabulous places you’ll be seeing! You are doing what so many people dream of doing!


  6. This is so cool and exciting. I don’t know if I could have done this. I’ve travelled in an RV a few times but only
    for 2 weeks at a time. Nick always said that men should get “retirement” time when their children were small so
    that they could spend lots of time with them and then be able to work as long as they wanted. I can’t wait to read
    about your adventures!


  7. I must tell you that although I am excited for you all, however I am slightly jealous about you getting to see Winter. 😉


  8. Been hearing all about this trip from your Mom, sounds like u guys are off to a great start, enjoyed the read, good luck and be safe😘


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