All About Lainey’s RV

Hi.We’re  the Pierces  and my name is Lainey. I have a slide in my bedroom at home and I have a slide in my RV! The one at home you can slide down. The one in the RV means the walls slide in and out, cuz then it makes more space.

Today I drove in my RV. We started in Las Vegas, New Mexico. We went to the Flying J and to the Santa Fe farmers market.


I learned that if you get a purple carrot and it’s a staining carrot, you can use it as a stamp. You first shave the skin off, then you get a fork and cut off a piece of carrot, and then dip it in a cup of plain water and then paint with it! You can use the skin on the carrot and mash it with a cup and then you can write with it like a pencil.



There are bunk beds in my room and they are so fun! There is a tv in my bunk bed, but not a real slide.


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