Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s a tradition that each year we create a family video for Valentine’s Day. This video gets sent out to all of our family and friends as way to say Happy V Day to the people we care about. This started in 2009 and we haven’t missed a year.

Our Valentine’s Day will be spent doing some driving. We spent the last 5 nights in New Orleans and today we head through Mississippi and Alabama, on our way to Pensacola, FL.

We hope everyone has a fun day wherever you are.

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all!

To see past V Day videos, click here.
(Sorry…YouTube stopped allowing us to host 2012 and 2013 due to music copyright issues).

3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Wishing all you Pierces a very happy Valentine’s Day, too! Loved your video card, spreading the love. It was fun to see your extended family, too.

    If you plan to be near Delray Beach FL, let us know! We have hot showers and comfortable accommodations for all of you!



  2. I felt the love coming right into my kitchen . I hope you feel the hugs and love sent right back to you. Have a very happy loving Valentine’s Day Carol Soper


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