Arizona for the holidays.

Our 7 months on the road started with a trip to Arizona for the holidays.

After some brutally cold temps in Denver, we hit the road on Dec 19th and headed straight to Arizona.  The weather was cooler than usual, but when both Grandpa and Pop keep their pools at about 90 degrees so the grand kids can swim, what’s the difference if it’s in the 50’s out?!

We spent the start of Hanukkah and Christmas with Tracy’s side of the family in Peoria and then a couple days at my parent’s in Scottsdale to celebrate Hanukkah and my Dad’s birthday. It was fantastic getting to spend so much time with family and letting the cousins play together. We spent time in the pool, took a small gauge train ride around a great park in Anthem, AZ, watched tons of classic movies, saw SING, and cooked some great meals.

On the 30th, we drove north to the Grand Canyon and setup camp at Grand Canyon’s Trailer Village.  Upon arrival, there was light snow with almost no visibility in the canyon! We were so bummed, and I think Ellie and Lainey thought we were crazy for talking up this amazing site, and then all they saw was a railing and bunch of fog.

Despite not seeing the actual canyon, they completed their junior ranger workbooks and got sworn in as Grand Canyon junior rangers – both receiving their badges and pink ranger vests.

New year’s eve was quiet and we watched a bit of New Year’s coverage with no audio  -thanks Grand Canyon campsite cable 🙂

When we woke up on New Year’s day, the sky had cleared, the sun was out and we rushed over to the geological center for some spectacular views and a short hike. The girls were impressed with what they saw, and understood what we had been talking about all along.

Our tour is off to a great start and Las Vegas is next on the route!

Check out the photo page for slideshows from each location.



One thought on “Arizona for the holidays.

  1. Fantastic pictures. Can the girls be my docent when I see them again now that they are official Grand Canyon Rangers? BTW some of the pictures on the 3rd post didn’t show up but the captions were there. Must have been taken at night!!!!


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