Ellie’s Top 3 in 3

These last 3 weeks have been awesome. I would like to share three fun and memorable things I did.
The first week my most memorable thing I did was playing with our cousin Brody. We were running around the house chasing him, hiding under a blanket so he could find me, and playing with his fire trucks.
The second week the most fun thing I did was see the water show in Las Vegas. I heard the loud music and loved looking at the colors. The most fun was looking at all the shapes.
The 3rd week was the best week of all because I got to see dolphins in Malibu California. It was a total surprise when I saw the dolphins jump out of the ocean. I saw about 15 dolphins!
These last 3 weeks have been awesome. Check out our photo page to see more from each location.
Talk to you later!

2 thoughts on “Ellie’s Top 3 in 3

  1. Ellie, This is just the beginning of all the amazing experiences you will have and the incredible things you will see.
    You, Lainey, Mom, Dad and Syd are so lucky to be having this great adventure.
    Pop and I, and everyone we know, wish we could be going with you!
    We can’t wait to read your next blog.


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