Tucson: 3 Amigos & 3 Million Cactuses (by Josh)

Tucson was a ton of fun.

We spent 5 nights at a great KOA campground on the south end of Tucson.  Lainey had an orange tree next to our patio table, Ellie had a pool for just her and her sister, and Sydney had a dog park 200′ from the RV. I even got to sing a duet at the campfire.

Bubbe and Pop (my parents) came down from Scottsdale and got to spend a few of the days with us – having dinner with some Tucson friends, visiting Old Tucson Studios, and exploring the Desert Museum.

Great dinner with family and friends

Old Tucson Studios was a blast!  First of all, our family’s most favorite movie has to be The Three Amigos, so getting to see where a lot of it was filmed was fantastic. We got to stand on the streets where the 3 Amigos stood, and take a picture in front of the church where their film was playing at the start of the movie. Bubbe even volunteered to punch a stunt guy in the face during one of the shows.

We learned a great deal, and saw some impressive sights at the desert museum – not to mention some insanely creepy desert animals. I would be fine living my life never seeing a fireleg tarantula again. But I have to admit, scorpions that glow under blacklight are pretty cool. Just keep ’em away from our RV. A more friendly fellow, this Otter fell in love with Lainey’s boots.

On our last day in Tucson, the girls spent some time at Saguaro National Park and got their junior ranger badges while I worked from the KOA.

It never seems like enough time in each place, but this is a big country and there’s a lot to see!

Next stop: Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM.

For more photos visit: https://whatrvup2.com/photos/

5 thoughts on “Tucson: 3 Amigos & 3 Million Cactuses (by Josh)

  1. The adventure continues! Love seeing all of the fun, exciting things you’re doing! You’re livin the life! Love you all.


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