Some great exploring in Joshua Tree.

Those are some funny lookin’ trees!

After a week in the L.A. area, we packed up Winnie and the caboose and headed east to Joshua Tree National Park. It seems like our pattern is to leave a location and arrive at the next one in the rain or snow, only to have great weather the next day. It happened in Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and Malibu.

So of course, we arrived in Joshua Tree late the first night in a bit of rain.  It was cold and rainy the next morning and while exploring the visitor’s center, the flurries began. It only rains or snows three times each winter in Joshua Tree, so the Rangers were pretty surprised, but the images were incredible.

Flurries begin.
The National Parks postcard shot.

We spent a good part of the first day learning in the nature center and working on the girls’ junior ranger workbooks. It was a bit too cold to explore the park and hike, so they had plenty of time to complete the work needed to get their paleontology badge, night explorer badge and most of their Joshua Tree badge.

We woke up the next morning to beautiful weather, and drove to begin our half day hike. The hike consisted of the Discovery Trail, which was built by kids, and connections to other trails that pass the main viewpoints of skull rock, face rock, tulip rock and others.

The sun is out!

Later that day, the girls were sworn in as Joshua Tree National Park junior rangers and got three more badges to add to their ranger vests. I had a chance to take a photo next to the street they named after me.

Being sworn in as Joshua Tree Junior Rangers
Joshua at Joshua Tree

On our last night there, we met a nice family with 3 young boys and played flashlight hide and seek throughout the campground! Ellie and I climbed a Joshua Tree and hid in it, which made for an amazing hiding place, and I still have splinters in my palms to prove it.

We would highly recommend Joshua Tree National Park and the Black Rock Canyon Campground, even with the snow. Next stop is Tucson, where I’m sure it will rain the first day we’re there!

Checkout our photo page for all the shots –

I also put together a quick Joshua Tree hike video –

2 thoughts on “Some great exploring in Joshua Tree.

  1. Love it. You all look like Joshua trees. Love the walking sticks, the music on the You Tube video, the landscape. Rock on (no pun intended. Off to Cuba this week.


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