I love Philadelphia

Hi. I am in Philadelphia and I am going to the Ben Franklin museum. When I was in the Ben Franklin museum I saw a picture of him when he was 9 like me. If you look below you can see a picture of me next to him. When I walked outside I got to see the ruins of his house. His house was right next to the museum. I got to see the ruins of the kitchen and the bathroom. Yuck!!!!!


When I was in the Ben Franklin museum I got to play the computer armonica. Ben Franklin made the original with a bunch of glass bowls. When you spin it and touch it lightly, it is like a piano. The little part of the armonica makes a high pitched sound and the big part makes a low sound. I played Yankee doodle. That was one of the coolest parts of the Ben Franklin museum.


I went on the independence hall tour. When I was on the tour I saw two rooms: one was where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Constitution was written and the other room was the courtroom. In the Declaration of Independence room there were tables and candles. In the front of all the chairs and tables there was a big chair for the most important person. That was my favorite part of the tour.



4 thoughts on “I love Philadelphia

  1. Dear Ellie,
    We enjoyed your comments about the museum. Keep up the good work!
    Love to all,
    Zayde and Marilyn


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