My New York Crazy Town

Last week we went to New York City. I went to our friends Isaac and Lisa’s house and we got to play with their dog, Dogger. She was very cute. Dogger and Sydney played crazy together.


I met my cousins, Ryan and Mason. We went to two different restaurants. At one we ate Knishes. At the other, we ate pastrami, matzah balls soup, cheese cake and carrot cake!


We went into the inside of the Statue of Liberty. We climbed all the way to the top of the pedestal.  We also went to Good Morning America and got to meet Ginger. It was so much fun. We got her attention because we made a sign. It said we drove 7545 miles to get to GMA!


We also went to the Disney Store and I finally got a Moana dress. There was a ceremony and we opened up the store with a giant key. Then one of the cast members who works at the store gave us a small key which was the same as the big key as a souvenir.


Then we went to the M&M store and a Reese’s Store with a Twizzlers store inside it. New York City was too busy and crowded for me, but it was a lot of fun! 


One thought on “My New York Crazy Town

  1. Lains, I loved reading your blog. How exciting to be the people who got to open the Disney store!
    I’m so glad that after 3 months you finally found the Moana dress. You look adorable in the picture and I can’t wait to see you wearing it when you get to Northbrook in 2 weeks. Love, Bubbe


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