46 days ’til home then the trip is over 😦

I can’t wait to get home and see my friends, but we have some very fun things we get to do on the way.



Right now we are in Glacier National Park. The view from our campsite is incredible! On Monday we are going to Seattle and plan to check out Pike Place Market and visit Mt. Rainier. After Seattle we are going to a Brad Paisley concert in Portland, Oregon and head down the coast to California. Our first stop is Redwoods national park. We get to see some of the biggest trees in the U.S.  Some of the trees are so big you can drive through them!!! Then we hope we can have a campfire because we have not had a campfire in a while. San Francisco is next on the list. While we are there we get to see my Aunt and Uncle. We get to go to the beach or we might just hang out at the campsite. We also hope to see Jaclyn, Howiestyle, Yoon, Kenji, Nikko and Koji.


After several days in San Francisco, we head to Yosemite National Park to enjoy the warm air, camping and get to hike to incredible waterfalls. Last but not least we go to Aspen. When we are in Aspen we hope to see good weather and some good Freddy Jones band music. 😉 On August 1st we are home in our house. I don’t want the trip to be over, I just want to see friends more often. The highlight of the trip was everything. I think this is the coolest thing I will ever do in my life. Got to go.


HugeGator2      TruckerHatAtWallDrug



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