Illinois Family Tree


We spent 3 fabulous weeks in Northbrook and got to see all of our relatives. We made a family tree and each picked three people we don’t usually get to see, to talk more about. We wish we could have talked about all of our relatives but that would have taken a long time!

From Ellie:

I got to see my cousin Brody. He is three years old. He calls my grandma Gaga. We celebrated Shabbat with him two times. Since we were in Illinois with the RV Brody came over and played in the RV and we had hot dogs from Josh’s. For the last time Brody came over we played in the RV for just a few minutes. Then they had to go and me and my sister went with them and we stopped at the bank then went to McDonald’s to get a salad and French fries. Then we went to their house and played in his play room and finished the fries. On one of the hot days we all ran in a sprinkler together!

On my cousin Becca’s 23rd birthday we went to see the play Aladdin. It was so good. My favorite part was when Jasmine and Aladdin were flying on the magic carpet. Becca, Lainey and I each got goodie bags. In the goodie bags were water, a mint, M&Ms, a loli-pop and Smarties. We all had a great time. We each got a gift from the gift store and I got a charm bracelet. Becca got a necklace with pearls and a little lamp, and my sister got a big lamp that you can hang up.


It was also my Aunt Carrie’s 23rd birthday. A few days before we left we went to see her apartment and had bagels and locks. Her apartment is in the city so we had to drive into the city of Chicago. My grandma came too and we got a tour of her apartment, and got to hang out with her roommate, Katie, and her boyfriend, Brian. Then the last time we got to see her was when we went to celebrate Shabbat with the rest of my family.

It was fun getting to spend a lot of time with all my relatives, and I will miss them when I am back in Colorado.

From Lainey:

I was just in Chicago (and the suburbs) and I got to play with so many friends and family.  We were there for three weeks.  We stayed in my Bubbe and Pop’s house.  That is what we call our Grandma and Grandpa.  The RV stayed behind their backyard in a parking lot.  It was really close to the house.
We had dinner with our cousins Shayni, Hannah, and Joey. We went to Portillo’s for dinner and Shayni, Hannah, Joey, and I all had chicken fingers. I played Barbie with Shayni. We had so much fun that we got to have a sleep-under in our RV. A sleep-under is when you don’t sleep over but you watch a movie, eat pizza and stay up late. We watched Mary Poppins and made dream catchers.
My family got to go to my cousin Becca’s pool birthday party. We swam in their pool. The cake we ate was so good.  I had Jello too- with lots of strawberries. All my relatives were there. It was so much fun playing with them.
My Auntie Sandy came over one day to be our teacher. We call her Cinderella.  She taught us how to draw Doodleloops. Doodleloops are sketches you do and then you draw around the Doodleloop.  Then you write a story about your Doodleloop.  It’s fun because you can draw and color it when you’re done with the story.  My Aunt Sandy invented DoodleLoops and she is so amazing!

One thought on “Illinois Family Tree

  1. OMG!!!! I’m so happy I made the top 6 list! Lainey-thank you so much for writing about me. I’m so happy, I could cry!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. You are amazing, and so are Ellie and your mom and dad!!!

    Love you all!


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