Lainey’s Top 3 in 3

We have been on our road trip for 3 weeks but it feels like more, because we have been seeing amazing things. I would like to share my 3 weeks with you.
My favorite part about the first week is having presents from Santa. On Christmas morning I woke up and there were 2 hundred presents under the tree! I was playing with my cousin Brody and he was so excited to see his fire truck.
The best part of the second week was seeing the Grand Canyon. When we got there we could not see the Grand Canyon cuz it was covered in clouds. On the third day we were there we could see the Grand Canyon and the clouds went away.
My favorite part of the third week was seeing friends in California and having a sleepover with Tali in the RV. The sleepover was really fun because we got to stay up late and have s’mores.
The first 3 weeks are over and I am excited to continue our trip and swim in the ocean by the dolphins.

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