Michigan’s COOLEST Family

In Michigan, I saw family friends. Andy and Mel have three kids, two dogs, and one bunny. The oldest kid is Michael, the second oldest is Sophie and the youngest one is Evan. The dogs’ names are Buzz and Bella. The bunny’s name is Toby and he is a boy. When we got there we pulled the RV into the drive way, said hi and we let Syd out and Syd to meet Buzz and Bella.



Then I got to go with Mel and pick up Evan from his after school activity. We went back to the house and Evan met Syd. They first played outside and Evan pretended to be a sheep. He wanted Sydney to herd him. When they played inside, they jumped and ran from couch to couch. Then we went to get Michael from track. We had dinner and dessert then I went with Andy and Michael to go get Sophie from gymnastics. She is the most talented gymnast I have ever seen. She has two hundred thousand medals.



When we got back home Sophie and I gave Toby a bath. He does not like water so he was hiding in the corner and when Sophie tried to soap him he tried to get out and water spilled all over.

The next morning when I went into their house, the kids were already gone for school. After breakfast we just hung out and I played on the Xbox. I did Harry Potter and played the seeker. It took me 15 min just to get the snitch. I had to kick and punch in midair to get the other seeker on the Slytherin to fall off his flying broom stick. I also did potions with Snape.


Later that day Mel took us on a bike ride to lunch and then we biked to two parks and the first one was a really little one then the second one was at Evans school and it was the biggest one we went to.



The coolest thing we did all weekend was with their two slides in the backyard. We put a tarp at the bottom of the two slides and put Dawn soap on the tarp and the slides. Evan ran water down the slide and on the tarp so it was a waterslide. It took me a few minutes to get ready to go down because the water was so cold! When I went down it was so fun and I got so wet. It took my sister 10 to 15 min to go down the slide and then when she went down she said she liked it so much. After the slide we had S’mores and ran around playing ghost in the grave yard.  That was the last night we were there and I was so sad because I had to leave and the fun was ending.

2 thoughts on “Michigan’s COOLEST Family

  1. Wonderful writing Ellie! We had so much fun with you all also! Thanks for joining the Crane train for the weekend! We are going through Pierce withdrawals as you move on to your next exciting adventure.


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